Optimus Enviropro Private Limited is a fast growing company that offers a comprehensive range of technologies, products and services for water and wastewater treatment.

The young company is run by thorough professionals experienced in various spheres of water & wastewater treatment. Optimus Enviropro strives to provide optimal, feasible, effective and customized solutions for a customer’s varied needs. Our goal is to provide not just the product but also efficient and effectual operations for our customer’s water and wastewater treatment systems.


We as an Optimus Enviropro offer wide range of solutions for ground and surface water to remove pollutants ranging from simple suspended impurities like silt, dirt to complex contaminants like Arsenic, Iron or other dissolved impurities, harmful organic and microbiological contaminants. We offer comprehensive range of filtration systems and disinfection systems.

Optimus Enviropro also works closely with industries to treat water to the desired quality levels for different purposes. Boilers, heat exchangers require treated water to avoid scaling and corrosion of expensive capital equipments. Improved quality of processed water helps manufacturers improve their products and lower input costs. Our experienced inhouse team is geared to handle the scale, volume, and planning, and has the requisite executional expertise for complex systems in chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, food & beverages, steel, textiles industries.


The Optimus Enviropro team has rich experience of moderate to large projects to their credit in the treatment of Sewage and Industrial Effluents. The applications require considerable domain knowledge and related technical know-how, which is a preserve with us.

We provide technologies ranging from conventional to state of the art technologies to treat the sewage to the desired end usage level. We have profound expertise in processes/technologies like ASP (Activated Sludge Process), MBBR/FBR (Moving Bed Bio-Reactor/Fluidized Bed reactor), SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) and MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor). We have also got successful installation in water reclamation by incorporating downstream recycling system like Filteration, Softeners, Ultra-filtration and Reverse Osmosis.

Optimus Enviropro has been acknowledged by experts for the sheer size and variety of wastewater treatment projects. Systems based on the latest and proven technologies have been carefully implemented and accomplished after a complete study of the requirements.

Optimus Enviropro strives to provide optimum solutions to its clients with the latest technologies and efficient project management in the field of Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems. For us at Optimus Enviropro, a product or project sold is the beginning of a relationship. Customer satisfaction and customer delight is our ultimate goal. We believe in delivering end-to-end services and customer support. The Sales, proposal engineering, design and detailed engineering and project management departments of the company comprise a team of highly trained engineers and professionals with a vast repertoire of experience in the field of water and wastewater engineering. They firmly believe that the rewards and fruits of their labor lie in the success of the client’s project.

In keeping with our commitment of being a complete solution provider, we have eastablished a reliable sales and service network across various locations in India. Our service team consists of well-trained technical personnel capable of resolving problems related to water and wastewater treatment.