We as an Optimus Enviropro offer wide range of solutions for ground and surface water treatment to remove pollutants ranging from simple suspended impurities like silt, dirt to complex contaminants like arsenic, iron, fluoride or other dissolved impurities, harmful organic and microbiological contaminants. We offer wide range of water filtration systems and disinfection systems to ensure pure and safe drinking water to our communities.

We provide technologies ranging from conventional to latest and state of the art technologies to treat the sewage to the desired level. We have profound expertise in ASP (Activated Sludge Process), MBBR/FBR (Moving Bed Bio-Reactor/ Fluidized Bed Reactor), SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor), and MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor). All these are backed by comprehensive operation & maintenance and round the clock services for continuous and optimum performance.

Our Solutions:

  • Contaminants like Arsenic, Fluoride, Iron, Organic Matter removal.
  • Turbidity & Suspended Impurities Removal.
  • Disinfection of Water.
  • Sewage Treatment and Recycling Systems.