We offer treatment systems for drinking application to ensure safe and pure drinking water for workforce in our industries.


OPTIMUS ENVIROPRO also works closely with the industries to treat the input water to the desired quality levels for different purposes. Improved quality of processed water helps manufacturers improve their products and lower input costs. Similarly, boilers, heat exchanges also require treated water to avoid scaling and corrosion of expensive capital equipments. Systems for chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, food & beverages, steel, textiles etc. industries are being designed by the team on board capable of handling the scale, volume, planning and executional expertise that such projects require.


Industrial effluents treatment is another growing field where Optimus team has a rich experience. The applications require considerable domain knowledge and related technical know-how, which is a reserve with us.

OPTIMUS has been acknowledged by scores of experts for the sheer size and variety of waste water treatment projects. Systems based on the latest & proven technologies – have been carefully implemented and accomplished after a complete study of the requirements.

Our comprehensive and integrated solutions add value across the entire water circuit for industries – on supply, quantity, quality and at discharge fronts. They effectively address the water and environmental concerns of customers by incorporating water conservation, pollution control, energy saving, and reduced chemical consumptions. We are also watchful and gauging evolving challenges and needs of our clients and develop innovative & latest solutions to meet those.